Dagso’s water pumps for agriculture are designed to withstand tough loads and deliver the highest efficiency.

Pumps from the Robusta line have reinforced internal walls and are also able to handle slurries loaded with suspended abrasive particles or corrosive liquids.

In manufacturing water pumps for agriculture, Dagso leverages the technological know-how derived from decades of projects in the region. Our close work with expert technicians is what enables us to meet the demands of farm businesses all over Italy.

Each pump is designed, built and assembled to meet the needs of the single customer with a high level of customization, which comes from the advantage of being a manufacturer. In the agricultural sector we are specialists in:

Pumps for trickle/drip irrigation systems

For supplying the right amount of water to each plant, only when and where it is needed, metering it down to the milliliter to avoid wasting water.

Irrigation pumps with hose reels/irrigators

For personalizing and automating daily irrigation amounts and frequency, reducing water use.

Pumps for flood/surface irrigation systems

For pumping high flows at low heads, in order to water vegetables or other crops in small- and medium-sized lots, reducing water use.

Pumps for pisciculture/fish farming

For properly oxygenating the water as well as regulating and pumping the water flow from one tank to the other.

Pumps for freeze protection systems

To help protect crops and blooms from frost damage, reducing water use and metering the water evenly and continuously down to the millimeter.


Our Robusta pumps for agriculture are designed for industrial applications as well as for soil drainage. They are particularly robust thanks to a number of design advantages, such as the separation of the volute from the pump body.

In this way, the volute acts as a shield for the impeller, which also happens to be replaceable if ever need be.

The sturdiness of the shell is a consequence of the choice of the most suitable metals for the customer’s application. These pumps are made for continuous running, even with sandy or muddy fluids.

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