Dagso’s pumps for the construction sector have been designed for application in any area of this sector, from underground drainage, to piling, to sewer work, through to drilling.

In particular, our RW series self-priming engine-driven pumps can be used to remove any kind of groundwater, including seawater, in wellpoint systems; it is also suitable for direct dewatering of ditches or tanks.

Dagso offers a comprehensive portfolio of pumps specifically designed to meet the needs of the construction market.

In fact, our wide range of available modular solutions enable customized designs starting from repeatable and combinable modules, thanks to the advantage of being manufacturers. In the construction sector, we are specialists in:

Self-priming pumps for sewer work

For avoiding unwanted subsurface clogging by restoring regular control of the wastewater flowing into the urban basins.

Pumps for use in tunnel construction, paling and subsurface drilling

For all kinds of construction work in the urban environment, from tunnel construction, to paling, through to subsurface drilling, facilitating the work and reducing lead times.

Dewatering pumps for wellpoints

For removing underground water and achieving temporary lowering and control of the water level, providing dry and safe work conditions.

Submersible pumps for subsurface drainage

For handling and resolving subsurface water issues with immediate and effective drainage.

Centrifugal self-priming pumps for process pumping in building sector applications

For drainage of work areas as well as for reliable pumping of a constant flow of bentonite into the site’s production process.


Dagso’s RW series self-priming engine-driven pumps are especially suited for this sector.

Designed for pulling from wellpoint systems and to transfer sewage and wastewater, these are centrifugal pumps with an open impeller design that allows solid particles through, supported by a high-capacity volumetric vacuum unit featuring automatic priming.

Progettate per l’aspirazione da impianti wellpoint e per il travaso di liquami e acque reflue, sono centrifughe a girante aperta e largo passaggio di corpi solidi, assistite da depressore volumetrico di grande capacità e con innescamento automatico.

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Dagso has specialized in pumps for a variety of different uses: